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Our mobile business began with solely Rachel McCurry at the head of the wheel and set the standard of our service. From our humble beginnings of a home based business with limited funds, overly used equipment and lack of clients we never stopped the focus on quality or service provided to our customers and their furry friends. As pet lovers and owners and we are committed to provide you’re pet with a superior experience, while only using the highest quality of products.

Founders Brad & Rachel McCurry along with Wayne Collins love their dogs more than anything and know the importance of their quality of life. Our family pets are not just animals but are true loving fixtures in our families, and knowingly placing them in qualified caring hands was always our top priority. Co-founder Rachel McCurry started her career as a dog trainer then moved into grooming before years later realizing the industry needed more, which began our journey in January of 2012 with Pawsitively Purrfect Mobile Grooming. Pawsitively Purrfect Mobile Grooming was founded on the belief that all our furry friends are more than just pets but a true part of our family and their owners desire to provide their pets with a happy and healthy quality of life.


        In May of 2015 we took over an existing business to establish our first salon location. We began to shape, mold and re-build our business brand in this salon to our vision and goals for our new future. Our vision is to provide every pet that comes into our salon with a fun, loving, gentile and pleasurable experience. Our goal is to provide the highest quality of service to every pet and owner, while offering the highest quality and newest trending products on the market.

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