Dog Grooming

Is your pup dirty? Hair covering its eyes? Our full-service Dog Grooming & Spa services are just what you need. We offer a Pawsitive experience for you and your pup. We will help you keep your pup healthy and looking Purrfect with a little extra touch of love and compassion. We only offer a gentle service, custom-tailored to your pets needs with our experienced Team Members.

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Dog Grooming Options & Pricing

Spa Bath

Includes: dog shampoo with all-natural shampoo, ear hair plucked & cleaned, nails trimmed, paw pads & sanitary trimmed, brush out (de-matting is extra), & gland expression

  • Small Dog: $35-40
  • Medium Dog: $40-50
  • Large Dog: $50-70
  • X-large Dog: $70+


Includes: bath services plus a haircut of your choice. Restrictions do apply.

  • Small Dog: $55-60
  • Medium Dog: $60-70
  • Large Dog: $70-100
  • X-large Dog: $100+

*Please note that prices listed above reflect the average price range. Actual prices may vary based upon breed, temperament, coat texture/condition, and desired styling.

**All Grooming appointments require Rabies vaccinations, unless signed off by vet.

***All Standard Poodles, Doodles, & large double coated breeds start at $100

Spa Packages & Pricing

Please note the packages below require the purchase of a full-service groom or spa bath.

Day at the Spa: $15
Includes: facial, nail file, toothbrushing

Flea the Scene: $20
Includes: flea bath for dogs, conditioner, toothbrushing

De-shedding: $20
Includes: FURminator bath & conditioner, toothbrushing

Itch No More: $20
Includes: medicated bath, toothbrushing

Pepe Le Pew: $25
Includes: De-skunking bath

Add-on Services

Would you like to enhance your pup’s spa day? Check out our add on services to help us pamper your pup even more.

  • Facial $5
  • Nail File $5
  • Toothbrushing $10
  • De-matting $1/min
  • Mini Groom $10 (includes face trim, feet neatening, and sanitary)
  • Mini Trim $5 (includes trimming feathering on pants)
  • Poodle Face $5
  • Poodle Feet $5
  • FURminator $15
  • Flea Bath $15
  • Medicated Bath $15 (if we supply)
  • Medicated Bath $5 (if you supply )
  • Potty Break $10 per (if you would like your dog to have a walk during their stay)
  • Express Service $25 (must schedule ahead & only available for 9am appointments)

*Restriction may apply, Prices subject to change.

Walk-In Services

Whether you are just walking by or in need of a simple service, we are here to help. Walk-in any time before 5:00pm to receive any of the services below.

  • Nail trim $10
  • Nail file $15
  • Ear Cleaning $10
  • Toothbrushing $15
  • Gland Expression $10
  • Nail Trim + Ears $15
  • Nail File + Ears $20
  • Nail Trim + Glands $15
  • Nail File + Glands $20
  • Nail Trim + Teeth $20
  • Nail File + Teeth $25
  • Ears + Teeth $20
  • Ears + Glands $15
  • Teeth + Glands $20

*Please note that all walk-in services do not require an appointment but may be asked to wait before the service can be performed, depending on current availability.