Below are the most commonly asked questions we get. If you don’t see what’s on your mind or need a little more information, contact us by phone or email and we would be glad to assist with any additional questions you may have.




Do you require vaccinations?

Yes, we do require all grooming clients have up-to-date vaccinations on Rabies as required by the state of Tennessee. Exception only valid when released by a licensed veterinarian due to age or health concerns. All other required vaccinations are listed below:

Dogs – DHPP & Bordetella(within last 6 months) *Recommended for Grooming – but Required for Boarding*
Cats – FVRCP *Required for Grooming & Boarding*

Can I watch as my pet is being groomed?

No, pet parents are not allowed into the grooming area due to insurance restriction. For the safety of you and your pet we restrict parents from watching due to possible tripping hazards and potentially aggressive animals. Although, despite what most pet parent’s believe their pet will be much worse for grooming if they are present in the room. As most pets do whatever possible to try to get to their owners if they are visible, as they believe they are there to take them home. Situations such as this can result in injury to the pet, that the parents nor Pawsitively Purrfect wants to see happen.

How long will my pets grooming/bathing take?

Our average turn around will depend on multiple factors. Although the averages below are accurate most of the time, they are not a guarantee, as unpredictable situations can arise from your pets behavior to everyday problems that can put us behind. You can always call throughout the process to check on the status and estimated completion time. Our average turn arounds are listed below:

Dogs – Approximately 3 to 4 hours (5 to 6 hours for first haircuts), depending on coat condition, temperament, and size.
Cats – Approximately 2 to 6 hours (2 to 3 hours if just shaving), depending on coat condition and whether we are bathing or not

Why did my pet take longer than expected?

The most common factor that 8 out of 10 times affects pets completion times is the drying process, since we use a high velocity drier that is loud and scary to some pets. We do hand dry each pet every time straight through but if they don’t like the drier we will give multiple breaks to ensure we don’t lose their trust. These breaks always lead to a longer turn around time. Some of the others factors to be considered are aggressive behavior, defensiveness, extreme cases of matting, lack of cooperation, or just a day of delays and pet behavioral issues.

Do you have breed restrictions on your Grooming & Spa Services?

No, we do not label a breed as aggressive or restrict them from any Grooming or Spa Services. Our grooming team is experienced with all breeds and styles, as well as trained to work with the more difficult pets. As we only reserve the right to refuse service to an aggressive or unpredictable pet, that we have given multiple attempts with no good forward progress. But we will never lable a breed as aggressive or unpredictable.

Do you accept walk-in appointments for Grooms & Spa Baths?

No, we do not offer walk-in appointments as we generally book up to a week in advance for Grooming & Spa Services, so those services are by appointment only. But we do offer limited services that are walk-in friendly such as Nail Trims, Nail Files, Ear Cleaning, or Gland Expressions. For a full list of what services we offer as Walk-Ins, please Click Here.

**Please note all walk-in services may be asked to wait or come back before the services can be performed, depending on current workload and table space availability**

Am I able to drop off my pet early for their appointment?

Yes, we allow early drop off up to 1 hour prior to their appointment time, anything early must be pre-approved before arrival. If your pet is dropped off earlier than 1 hour prior to appointment, you may be subject to an additional charge of $20 applied for an extended stay.

**Please note that dropping off earlier does not mean your pet will be finished earlier, we do not guarantee getting to your pet no matter drop off time until their actual schedule appointment time**

How long can I leave my pets there after completion?

Upon completion of your pets service one of our Team Members will contact you via the contact number given at check in, at which point the you will have 2 hours to pick up before you are subject to an extended stay fee of $20. This fee is only applied once per pet. We will leave a message if no one answers but are not responsible if your voicemail is full and we are unable to leave a message. We will attempt to contact you again before the 2 hour mark if no contact was made previously. But all dogs must be picked up no longer than 6pm at closing, if your pet is left after hours they will be given water, walked, and boarded for the night at the rate of $35/pet.

DOG ONLY - Does my dog go in a kennel or free-roam?

We kennel all grooming and spa pets, while keeping families together if preferred. IF you prefer your pet not be placed in a kennel, we do offer an express service that will expedite the process for you for a fee of $25 per pet. Express services can only be done at the 9:00am grooming slots.

**Please note there are some dogs you will see free roaming, all of those are trusted employee and family pets. Most are here everyday.**

CAT ONLY - What is a lion cut and why can't my cat be styled differently?

A lion cut is a groom style for cats that doesn’t necessarily look like a lion, but refers to the cat be shaved close to the skin on the body and halfway down the legs. Typically there is a mane left, size is adjustable, and a full or plum tail. This cut is the safest and most effective style for any cat to get. As cat’s skin is like paper and rips incredibly easy and their fur does not “fluff” like a dog, which leaves it extremely difficult to get cut smoothly at longer lengths. Also cats must be shaved with customer blades designed specifically for their hair and skin, normal dog grooming blades can grab and cut the skin. So, for the safety of your precious feline friend we also recommend a lion cut if you wish to get any type of haircut.

Do you offer multi-pet discounts or any discount programs?

No, we currently do not offer any multi-pet discounts for Grooming or Spa Services, only for Boarding. We do however offer a wide variety of discounts for Grooming & Spa Services only:

Get 10% OFF your pets first Grooming or Spa Service
Get 10% OFF your pets Grooming or Spa Service if returning within 4 weeks of last service
Get 20% OFF your pets Grooming or Spa Service if returning within 2 weeks of last service
Get 30% OFF your pets Grooming or Spa Service if returning within 1 week of last service
Get 10% OFF your pets Grooming or Spa Service if your active or retired military


What do you require before my pet can be boarded with Pawsitively Purrfect?

Dogs – Rabies, Bordetella, DHPP, & Flu Shot
Cats – Rabies & FVRCP

Bordetella must be administered within six (6) months prior to boarding stay and all other vaccinations must be administered within seven (7) days prior.

What are your boarding restrictions?

  • Dog friendly
  • Weigh less than 35lbs.
  • Spayed/Neutered
  • Leash trained
  • Kennel trained

Do you require reservations for boarding?

Yes, we do require reservations be made for any boarding prior to arrival, due to our limited space we do not guarantee any openings without reservations especially around major holidays. Please know a non-refundable deposit will be required for all major holidays.

Do you offer a multi-pet discount?

We do offer a multi-pet discount, when your pets are boarded together in the same suite. We don’t allow cats and dogs to be boarded together and each suite is limited to a combined weight of 35lbs. and will be considered family boarding. For more details and pricing Click Here.

When should I drop off and pick up my pets from boarding?

As we charge by the day, your pets suite is reserved from open to close starting on their arrival date to their departure date. So you may drop off & pick up between any of the store hours listed below:

Monday 10:00am to 5:00pm
Tuesday – Friday 9:00am to 6:00pm
Saturday 9:00am to 5:00pm

How does your by day boarding price work?

You will be charged for the day you drop off no matter the time of day you drop off, as they will still stay the night. As for departure days, if your pet is picked up prior to 10:00am (Sundays not available), then you will not be charged for that day. If your pet is receiving departure services such as Grooming or Spa Services, you will not be charged for that day of boarding but will receive a $10 charge for their feedings and potty breaks.

What should I bring for my pets stay with Pawsitively Purrfect?

We recommend the following:

  • Their current food/diet (pre-portioned into individual baggies)
  • Treats you want them to have (biscuits, jerky, or anything quickly consumed)
  • Bedding is supplied, but personal bedding can be brought (we are not responsible for damage to their bedding during their stay)

For their stay we don’t recommend the following:

  • Toys, chews, or anything that can become a choking hazard (we will not give this to your pet if brought, they will remain with their belongings)
  • Bones & long lasting chews (if they are not a quick consumable they will be kept with their belongings, to avoid choke hazards)
  • Bowls are not recommended as they are supplied in house and we won’t be responsible for yours


  • Their current food/diet (pre-portioned into individual baggies)
  • Treats you want them to have (something quickly consumed)
  • Bedding is supplied, but personal bedding can be brought (we are not responsible for damage to their bedding during their stay)

For their stay we don’t recommend the following:

  • Toys or anything that could potentially become a choking hazard (they will be left with their belongings)
  • Litter is supplied, unless your cat has an allergy and requires a special litter
  • Bowls are not recommended as they are supplied in house and we won’t responsible for damage to yours

Will my pet be around other animals?

Our current boarding options are for kennel only, so your pet will not be in constant direct contact with any other pet during their stay with us with the exception of same family pets. They may encounter a pet on their potty breaks or walks, but will not be allowed to interact. We do not offer play time with other dogs, so any exposure to other animals is very limited.

DOG ONLY - How many times will my dog be taken out?

Every dog will be walked upon arrival in the morning and at closing time for a maximum of 20 minutes. They will be taking out for a quick stretch and potty an additional 1 to 2 times and we do offer additional walks for pets upon request for $10/walk if you would like to have them walked more than twice a day.

How often is my dog's suite cleaned?

Our Team Members clean and sanitize each suite between pet visits, for all accidents that might occur during their stay, and during each walk. If any accidents do occur in their suite they are immediately transferred temporary to an open kennel while their suite is cleaned and sanitized. They will also clean up any mess that might get on your pet.


What is a Special Order?

Special orders allows you to custom order any product that is not a direct competitors company brand and have it delivered to our store. Just supply a picture or details on the product and we will inform you of when the product is set to be delivered.

How long does a special order take to come in?

Depending on the brand, which distributor we order it through, and there availability it could take up to 2 weeks to receive your special order.

Why should I special order a product I can get in another store?

We will still match and beat any listed price at the time the special order is placed, so you can get the products you love for the lowest possible price. Also, any special order product can be placed on our auto-order program to receive an additional 10% off.

Can I cancel my special order?

Yes, any special order can be cancelled as long as the order has not be submitted and out for delivery. Once the order is ordered, paid, and out for delivery, there will be a 25% restocking fee from our distributors to send the product back.

How will I know when my order arrives?

We will contact you via your preferred method when your items have arrived in store and are ready for pickup.

When do I pay for my order?

All special order products must be paid for before they can be ordered.


How do I request a price match in your store?

When making a purchase, please talk to our Front Desk Team Member to proceed with your price match request. Please tell our Team Member about the lower price that is still in effect and where it is located, and our associates will review and verify the price match request on the spot. The lower price must be verified before it can be processed.

What is considered a local retail competitor?

A local retail competitor for retail store purchases is a retail store authorized by a vendor to sell a new, factory-sealed product and is located in the same market area (within a 25-mile radius) of our store.

How do I provide proof of a lower price?

The best way to show proof of a competitors lower price is to bring in the competitor’s current ad or notify us of the website address of the designated online retailer. We may call the competitor’s retail store or check the website address of the designated major online retailer to verify the lower price and availability of the item.

Do you match the prices of a Warehouse club?

Yes. We do match the prices of Warehouse clubs as long as the Warehouse club is a local retail competitor, has an identical immediately available product and all other price match criteria are met. If the Warehouse club website price requires a membership ID or login to view, price match is only available in a Pawsitively Purrfect store (not via phone or chat) and must be a live offer (not a screenshot).

Does Pawsitively Purrfect match the price if it results in the price being below Pawsitively Purrfect's cost on a product?

Yes. So long as the price match requested is on an identical immediately available product and all other price match criteria are met.

Are competitors' services eligible for price matching?

No. Due to the differences in services being performed, we do not match competitors’ service prices. This includes, but is not limited to, services such as pick up, delivery, grooming, bathing, and boarding services.

What if the competitor does not have the item in stock or has limited quantities of the product?

Sometimes a qualifying competitor will advertise a product in ads and on its website as having limited quantities in stock. If the item is out of stock or the competitor has advertised as limited quantities of an item, it is not eligible for price matching. Likewise, if Pawsitively Purrfect has a product that is advertised as being limited in quantity it will not be eligible for price matching.

Does Pawsitively Purrfect price match (free gift with purchase) offers?

No. Pawsitively Purrfect does not price match “free gift with purchase” orders. This includes free gift card with purchase offers.

Does Pawsitively Purrfect match competitors’ trade-in value and offers on trade-in products?

No. Pawsitively Purrfect does not match our competitors’ trade-in value and offers on trade-in products.

How does the Price Match Guarantee apply to coupons?

Pawsitively Purrfect does not match competitors’ coupons. Also, customers can either use a coupon or price match to a lower price, but not both. Pawsitively Purrfect does not allow a coupon to be used on a product that has a price match.

How does the Price Match Guarantee apply to sales tax?

Pawsitively Purrfect matches the pre-tax price. We do not take sales tax into consideration for price match purposes. We will not override sales tax to match a competitor’s price.

How does your price match policy apply to special-orders?

If the price of a special-order item drops at the time of shipment, you will automatically be charged the lower price. Your credit card will not be charged until your item has been shipped.


What forms of payments do you accept?

We accept Cash, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Apply Pay, & Samsung Pay. We no longer accept Checks are any form of payment.