Below is a list of all the most common and frequently asked questions we get from clients in regards to their pets grooming and bathing. If you can not find your answers below please send us an email at or give us a call during normal business hours.
Do you require vaccinations and which ones are required for grooming?

We do require that all Pet Parents have their pet’s vaccinations up-to-date for every pet that bring into our salon for Grooming and Bathing. If no vaccinations can be supplied or obtained, we will reschedule any appointments until records can be provided. Exceptions are only accepted when a licensed veterinarian recommends a vaccine not be administered for age, health, or any medical purposes. Below is a list of all required vaccines including age.
Dog Requirements
Rabies – State Requirement *over 6 months old*
Dog Recommendations
DHPP – Distemperment/Parvo
Bordetella – Kennel Cough
Cat Requirements
Rabies – State Requirement
FVRCP – Indoor/Outdoor Cat’s Only

May I watch my pet being groomed?

Unfortunately, anyone not employed by TiniRu Inc. “Pawsitively Purrfect” are not allowed past our receptionist area into the grooming areas due to insurance restrictions. These restrictions are in place for the safety of our pet parents and all pets in our care. As we do not place restrictions on dogs we groom, we can not be certain to how certain pets will react to someone outside of our Team being in the groom area.

About when will my pet be done?

We strive to get all pet’s done in a timely manner, the actual completion times for most pets will rely on a multitude of factors from how they are doing to how smoothly our days is moving. As we accept all pets regardless of age or history, we can run into unpredictable situations with a pet’s behavior that can place our day behind. So if your on a tight schedule we ask to be informed at drop off so we can make sure the completion time is achievable with our current work load, as we will we not rush through any service that a pet or our groomers can’t handle for a faster completion time.
Dog Groom: 3-5hrs from scheduled appointment time, first dog grooms can take up to 7hrs depending on how they take the process
Dog Bath: 2-45hrs from scheduled appointment time, first dog bath can take up to 5hrs depending on how they take the process
Cat Groom w/Bath: 3-7hrs from scheduled appointment time
Cat Groom no Bath: 1-3hrs from scheduled appointment time
Cat Bath: 2-6hrs from scheduled appointment time
Please note dropping off earlier than your appointment will not ensure a faster turnaround, as we work in order of appointments not drop off time.
Please note services such as dye and specialty bath packages (medicated, flea, deshed, etc.) will add to the above estimates as each services adds overall time to the process.

Why did it take us longer than another groomer to complete the groom?

Every grooming salon has a similar process from prepwork, bathing, drying, grooming, and departure but it can vary in many ways. Whether its the equipment used or volume of employees. We take our time for a reason and its not to mess with anyone’s schedule or keep a clients pet longer than necessary, but to ensure they are not rushed, done correctly, and feel comfortable in our care. The process of grooming and bathing for most pets will be a necessity for their entire life, so we don’t want to rush, stress, or irritate any pet during the process that can lead to a lifetime of grooming issues. As we are a small business with a very small staff, we are working for quality over the quantity. So as we book our appointments based on several factors from a pet’s age to breed in attempts to have a smooth running day, we still have a small staff and busy days were we can easily fall behind. Whether its having to take a little extra time with a difficult pet or just dealing with something as simple as add on services such as a medicated bath, we want to give every pet in our care the same level of attention and detail which can come result in longer completion times.

Can I get my dog done faster?

Unfortunately, we do not offer any Express Services or ways to expedite our processes, as we place a lot of pride into earning and maintaining a pet’s trust we will not sacrifice it for a quicker turn around time. As a general rule, booking appointments with us earlier usually results in our faster turn around times.

Do we have any breed restrictions?

We do not have breed restrictions as we don’t label any pet as aggressive based on their breed. Our Grooming team is experienced with all breeds and styles, as well as trained to work with the more difficult pets. We do still reserve the right to refuse service to an overly aggressive or unpredictable pet that we have given multiple attempts with no good forward progress. But we will never turn away a pet that has been labeled as aggressive or unpredictable by another salon. Nor will we ever label a breed as aggressive or unpredictable.

Do I have to make an appointment?

Yes, we do require appointments for all Services, as we stay consistently booked from 1-2 weeks in advance.

How early can I drop my pet off for their appointment?

We allow drop off as early as 9:00am regardless of your appointment time, but this is not a guarantee for them to be completed faster. We will treat your pet as thought they arrive at their scheduled appointment time.
**If you wish for your pet to go potty during the day, this will be subject to $10.00 per walk**

What is the latest I can pick my dog up?

We allow every pet to stay with us after any service is completed until we close at 6:00pm Tuesday-Saturday. We will have a Team Member call you via your best contact number on file once completed and again every hour starting at 4:00pm until close if we haven’t heard from you. But in the event we need the kennel space (typically only on major holidays) we will ask you pick up as quickly as possible. If any pets are left in our care past closing, they will be walked, given water, and boarded until the next business day at the rate of $38/pet per night.

Does my dog go in a kennel?

<We kennel all client pets for their safety and comfort, while keeping families together if preferred.
**Please note that any dogs free roaming behind our receptionist desk are pets from our staff. Most are here everyday.**

Why is the only option a lion cut for my cats haircut?

A cat’s hair is very difficult to cut longer and look even, but a lion cut is the preferred groom as it is the safest and most effective groom style for cats. As cat’s skin is paper thin and unlike a dog, a cat’s skin will rip if nicked. So, we use blades specifically designed to be the safest for cat grooming and these blades only cut lengths of “lion cuts”. So, for the safety of your precious feline friend we always recommend a lion cut if you wish to take any hair from the body of your cat.

Do we offer any multi-pet discounts, coupons, or have any discounts availabe?

We do not offer any multi-pet discounts but do offer frequency discounts for Grooming and Bathing Services.

Get 10% OFF your pets first Grooming or Spa Service
Get 10% OFF your pets Grooming or Spa Service if your active or retired military
Get 10% OFF your pets Grooming or Spa Service if returning within 4 weeks of last service
Get 20% OFF your pets Grooming or Spa Service if returning within 2 weeks of last service
Get 30% OFF your pets Grooming or Spa Service if returning within 1 week of last service