Pricing & Discounts

Pricing & Discounts







Size Weight Groom Bath
Small (0-15lbs) $55-60 $35-40
Medium (16-40lbs.) $60-70 $40-50
Large (41-70lbs.) $70-90 $50-70
X-Large (71-95lbs.) $90-110 $70-90
Oversized (95lbs.+) $110 + $90 +

**Special Pricing**
Doodles, Poodles, Samoyed, and anything double coated or requesting a standard or custom styling


Groom Bath Brush Out w/o Bath Shave No Bath
$75 $55 $25 $65



We offer all clients $5 off their next visit for any client they refer that has successfully booked and kept their appointment. The appointment must be for a full service grooming or bathing, no walk in services will be counted. The new client must give us your name upon check in and upon check out there will be $5 credited to your account. This discount does stack.


We offer all clients $5 off their next visit if they book their next appointment at check out. If for any reason you miss or reschedule your appointment the rebooking discount will be void, upon managements discretion.


We offer all clients a recurring appointment discount, if you come on a regular basis (4 weeks or sooner) why not set up a recurring schedule and save the following amounts each appointment. These discounts are per family not per pet. We will set up a minimum of 6 months in advance and if you break the recurring schedule due to constant rescheduling or cancellations you will lose your discount and possibly the ability to receive it again in the future. The discounts are as follows:

$15 off for every week

$10 off for every 2-4 weeks

Anything beyond 5 weeks is only eligible for rebooking discounts

Multi Dog

We offer all mobile clients a multi dog discount, THIS IS FOR MOBILE APPOINTMENTS ONLY. This is due to the convenience we get by not having to drive to each pet. This is only valid if all the pets are from the same family, and they will receive $10 off every pet after the first one.

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