We have a list of required paperwork that is necessary prior to your grooming or bathing appointment with us. This information helps us keep an accurate record of your contact information, general pet information, and a signed agreement of our current policies and Terms of Service.

Pet Parent Profile – Basic contact information, names, and vet release
Pet Profile – Pets name, history, general medicial information, and specific requests
Terms of Service – All current policies for our grooming & bathing services

As we strive to provide a superior service as well as the safest experience possible, we do have strict policies on our Vaccination requirements. These policies are non-negotiable with no exceptions, as being current on all vaccinations helps to protect your pet as well as our Team. Below is a current list of the general vaccinations that we recommend or require:

✓ Rabies– This is a requirement, and no services will be provided if expired or no proof can be provided
✓ Distemper-Parvo– This is a strong recommendation for you pets health, but is not a requirement
✓ Bordetella– This is a strong recommendation for your pets health, but is not a requirement


Whether your a new pet parent or just new to our salon, we understand the translation of what you want can become difficult. As every groomer is different and use similar terms but can meet a world of different options, the checklist below will help you be as informed and ready to answer our general intake questions. We want you to get the Grooming style you want and we want to make the process as quick as possible so you can get back to your day, so look over the below to help make your check in go faster.

Bring previous grooming notes
If at all possible, if on good terms leaving, ask your previous groomer what blade lengths they used and their general notes
Find a photo after a previous grooming that you liked
Photos are not 100% accurate but gives us a great starting point, just know the lengths may vary as photos can be deceiving *also note the photos must be of your pet*
Be prepared to answer questions
Summer cuts, teddy bear cuts, and puppy cuts are not universal styles, so we will ask specific questions regarding current length, head shape, and more about tail/ears.
Download and complete Intake Packet before check in
Click the link below or Click Here, to download and print our Intake Packet.
Download and complete the Senior Pet Release, if you have an elderly pet
Click the link below or Click Here, to download and print our Senior Pet Release.
Download and complete the Matted Pet Release, if you have an matted pet
Click the link below or Click Here, to download and print our Matted Pet Release, please note the Pre-Assessment selections will be done upon check in.
Have vaccination records set prior & double check before hand
You can fax all records to (615)864-7278, email to, or bring in the day of. Just make sure all records have pet’s name, your name, and vaccinations are current.


Intake Packet – Click Here
This is a complete packet of all basic information needed, please note the Pet Profile will have to be do for each pet
This is only for extra pets you may have, our basic packet does already include this document for one pet.
Senior Pet Release – Click Here
This document is for any pet over the age of 10 years old that’s health is declining.